AJOG: Treating Mild Chronic Hypertension During Pregnancy

A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Objective: To assess the cost effectiveness of targeting a blood pressure of less than 140/90 mm Hg compared with 160/105 mm Hg.

Results: Treating chronic hypertension in a population of 180,000 pregnant persons at mild-range blood pressures, compared with severe-range blood pressures, resulted in 14,177 fewer cases of preeclampsia (43,953 vs 58,130), 11,835 of which were cases of preeclampsia with severe features (40,530 vs 52,365). This led to 817 fewer cases of SMM (4,375 vs 5,192), and 18 fewer cases of maternal death (102 vs 120). Treating at a lower threshold also resulted in 8,078 fewer cases of preterm birth (22,000 vs 30,078), which led to 26 fewer neonatal deaths (276 vs 302) and 157 fewer cases of neurodevelopmental delay (661 vs 818). Overall, treating chronic hypertension at a lower threshold was a dominant strategy that resulted in decreased costs of $600 million and increased effectiveness of 12,852 QALYs.

Treating Mild Chronic Hypertension During Pregnancy: A Cost-… : Obstetrics & Gynecology (lww.com)