Take Control Initiative: FREE “Just in Case” KIT

How to get a FREE kit by mail?

If you live in Tulsa or Oklahoma County, have RevanRx deliver a FREE KIT to you by saying “I would like to order a Repro Kit” or, for more privacy, say “I’d like the Just in Case Kit”. These kits include: Emergency Contraception Pill (Plan B One-Step® generic), Condoms, Lube Packets, Pregnancy Test Strips & Urine Cup

Two options for placing your order to get your FREE kit by mail within 1-2 days:

1.Fastest: Call 1-888-773-8267 or

2. Email pharmacist@revaninc.com

OR you an pick up a kit TODAY here:

o   Tulsa County Map: https://tinyurl.com/ECnearMeTulsa

o   Oklahoma County Map: https://tinyurl.com/ECnearMeOKC – coming soon!