Register for the upcoming free LARC Trainings

Focus Forward Oklahoma is a program of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. They will be continuing the LARC Training Program. The program will offer training sessions in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa. These training sessions are designed to provide: an overview of LARC, patient-centered LARC counseling education, patient-centered LARC counseling practice, and hands-on skills training for IUD insertion/removal to medical providers that offer family planning services to Oklahoma women under 19. There will also be opportunities to receive the FDA mandated implant training from the manufacturer. Check out their website for information on a variety of helpful topics: 1) unintended and teen pregnancy in Oklahoma, 2) LARC, 3) training opportunities and 4) resources throughout the state.

The provider training dates through June 2021 are open for registration at:

Upcoming Dates:

  • Sat. Nov 6 (OKC)
  • Sat Dec 4 (Tulsa)