Register for OPQIC Webinar Discussion on AIM Hemorrhage and Hypertension Bundles | Feb 25 @ 11:00

It has been almost six years since we began our Every Mother Counts initiative promoting the use of the AIM hemorrhage and hypertension patient safety bundles in Oklahoma hospitals. As these practices are now part of The Joint Commission’s standards for maternal safety as elements of performance, we know that many of you continue to collect data for these measures and are submitting to the AIM data portal. We want you to be aware that AIM has recently made some modifications to these measures.

OPQIC will be holding a webinar discussion on February 25th at 11:00 am to discuss the measure modifications, the future of data collection for these bundles and sustainment of our care practices.

We would love for team members from your hospital to join our conversation. In particular, we would like to know if your hospital will continue to collect data related to obstetric hemorrhage and severe hypertension and how we can utilize the AIM Data Portal to support your needs. Your participation in this webinar will help us determine how to proceed towards the sustainment phase of this initiative.

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