Pediatrics: Why Can’t We Eradicate Congenital Syphilis?

SOURCE: Why Can’t We Eradicate Congenital Syphilis?
Joseph A. Bocchini, John A. Vanchiere, Pablo J. Sánchez
Pediatrics Aug 2021, e2021050449; DOI: 10.1542/peds.2021-050449


Regrettably, we cannot eradicate CS until we are able to address the continuing failure to control syphilis in the community, but we can reduce the risk of CS by identifying and promptly treating all pregnant women with syphilis and treating asymptomatic infants with CS before they become symptomatic. Kimball et al remind us of the importance of core public health functions to help identify systemic failures that affect our patients and their families as well as the need to implement new strategies to control this reemerging disease. With it, we are tasked, yet again, with being educators and advocates for our most vulnerable patients.

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