OPQIC Statement on Advancing Health Equity

Over the last few weeks and months, our nation has witnessed injustice and systemic racism that has launched a call to action among many.  We, too, feel called to act.  Oklahoma’s unique history includes many injustices toward Black and Native American communities, in particular.  This injustice and systemic racism are the underpinnings for social determinants of health that negatively impact these communities in particular leading to poor outcomes in maternal and infant health in Oklahoma.  We are committed to meaningful change.  We begin with our statement and our webpage for individuals to learn more.  We will continue to delve deep and take action to advance health equity.

STATEMENT on Advancing Health Equity:

The impact of racism in our society contributes to disparate health outcomes for Black women and infants in Oklahoma. Native American women and infants in Oklahoma experience disparate health related to the impact of racism, as well. Our vision of a culture of safety and excellence in perinatal care in Oklahoma includes creating an environment based on safety, equity and mutual trust. We are committed to hearing the voice of people with disparate outcomes and partnering with them to improve health outcomes for Oklahoma women and infants through quality improvement, education and collaboration.

We have created a new page on our site that provides resources and information on health equity.

Health Equity Resources