AWHONN OPS: OB Emergencies Workshop

This is the updated 3rd edition of the workshop which includes: cardiac disease and pregnancy, maternal sepsis, malignant hyperthermia, pre-eclampsia and severe hypertension, anaphylactoid syndrome of pregnancy, postpartum hemorrhage, prolapsed cord, and uterine rupture. Participants complete an online portion, receive in-person lecture, participate in simulations, table top scenarios and escape rooms. At the AWHONN convention in New Orleans there were demos available and if you were able to attend one you know this is a very exciting and helpful update… we cannot wait to share it with you!

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Identify key factors that place the patient at higher risk for an obstetric emergency.
  • Demonstrate effective management for pregnant or postpartum person during an obstetric emergency.
  • Role-play with a multidisciplinary team using simulation-based cognitive, behavioral, and technical learning strategies to practice management of a patient experiencing an obstetric emergency.

Participant Materials:

  • The cost is $120 and can be purchased through the AWHONN Store
  • Materials include the prerequisite course, participant handouts, and Workshop resources. Nursing contact hours or CME: 10.75 (0.75 pharmacy) Expires: May 31, 2025
  • NOTE: Successful completion of the prerequisite course is required prior to attending the live portion of the Workshop.

Workshop Date:          September 7, 2023  

Workshop Time:         8:00 am- 4:30 pm

Location:         Norman Regional Healthplex

                        3300 Healthplex Parkway

                        Norman, OK 73072

Registration Fee:  $100/participant    Registration/Payment Deadline: August 24, 2023

Submit Registration/Payment To:

Please contact Amy Hawley for registration. Payment for Registration Fee will be submitted to the Norman Regional Foundation (invoices available upon request). Please see above for purchase of Participant Materials from AWHONN.

Additional information: Amy Hawley; 405-659-2293 (text)

The course content also meets the Joint Commission requirements for PC 06.01.01 Reduce the likelihood of harm related to maternal hemorrhage and PC.06.03.01 Reduce the likelihood of harm related to maternal severe hypertension/preeclampsia.