AWHONN Call for Applications: Research Study on AWHONN Save Your Life Handout

Would you like to collaborate with AWHONN on a research study to seek input from the patient’s perspective and feedback about the Save your Life handout (SYLH) and its benefits as a resource for discharge education? AWHONN is looking for a Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-Investigator (Co-I). The following criteria are required to apply:

• The applicants must be full members of AWHONN and in good standing.
• Have administrative support from their leadership team to participate in a collaborative research study with AWHONN
• Have the ability to apply for IRB approval at your site or the ability to complete IRB forms to submit to an external site.
• The applicant must have access to a hospital that successfully implemented the Post-Birth Warning Signs (PBWS) program at their site
• The PI and Co-I should have experience designing, implementing, and analyzing qualitative research design and methodology.
• The PI and Co-I will commit to following the outlined research project timelines in collaboration with the AWHONN research team.
• Attend bi-monthly or monthly zoom meetings throughout the established timeline.
• The timeline for this project is approximately 10 months which includes: onboarding, identification, recruitment of patients, and possible revision of the AWHONN PBWS SYL Handout.

Applications are due no later than August 19th. Application link: