Regarding Cardboard Baby Boxes

There has been much attention in the last several months given to programs providing cardboard boxes to families for use as an infant sleep space. These programs are modeled after boxes that have been distributed in Finland since the 1930’s. Finland experienced a drop in infant mortality and currently has a lower infant mortality rate than the United States. Are the boxes the answer? Here are some commentaries/position statements from local and national sources:

Rachel Moon, MD, AAP Task Force on SIDS: Are Cardboard Boxes Safe and Effective?

Cribs for Kids: Pack ‘n Play vs. Cardboard Box

Oklahoma City County Health Department, Central OK FIMR: Position Statement on the Use of Cardboard Boxes to Promote Safe Sleep

George Askew, MD, Division of Family and Child Health, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene: Re: Should your baby sleep in a box