NBS ALERT: Newborn Screening new forms – Incorrect completion of Physician Fields

A note from the Newborn Screening Program: We have noticed that the physician fields are not being completed correctly on the majority of the new forms we are receiving. We have provided additional guidance below. Please ensure all staff involved with the newborn screening process are aware.

The top box is for the ordering physician. This is the physician or provider who saw the baby in the hospital and ordered the newborn screen.

The bottom box is for the follow up physician. This will be the physician or provider who will be caring for the baby after discharge. This is the provider the NBS follow up team will contact if the screen is out of range.

It is important that both providers are listed. If the provider who ordered the screen in the hospital is the same as the provider who will follow up after discharge, it is ok to enter the same provider in both boxes. Do NOT delay sending a specimen because parents are not certain who the baby will be seeing after discharge. In this instance enter the ordering provider and PRIOR to sending baby home document in your log book who the follow up provider will be, so that if follow up is needed the information is easily available.

Please make every attempt to enter the provider ID#. You can access a comprehensive list of providers and ID numbers on the OSDH Every Baby Counts Website (scroll to the bottom) or utilizing this direct link: Oklahoma NBS Provider ID#’s . This list will be updated quarterly.  If  you are unable to find a physician on the list please call the NBS Lab at 405-271-5070.