mPINC Surveys

The 2015 mPINC Surveys have been sent! The Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care (mPINC) Survey is a national survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that assesses infant feeding care processes, policies, and staffing expectations in maternity care settings.

Oklahoma hospitals have improved significantly each year of the mPINC and now rank 36th in the U.S. It is important for Oklahoma birthing hospitals to complete this survey so that hospitals and other partners can have an understanding of the 2015 breastfeeding practices and to show the results of the hard work by many hospitals in improving their breastfeeding support and care practices. Participating hospitals will learn how they compare to other hospitals around the state and throughout the U.S. in many categories.

All hospitals with maternity services and all free-standing birth centers in the U.S. are invited to participate in the mPINC survey every two years. We want to continue to move up in our ranking and our score, so please complete the survey.