Interested in QI Training?

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So, you can explain what the letters PDSA mean. Great! (That’s an acronym for Plan-Do-Study-Act, if you didn’t know.) But, are you able to successfully run multiple PDSA tests in one day, know when a change concept is ready for implementation, and then sustain the improvements?

Built around the Model for Improvement (MFI), the IHI Quick Course: Back to Basics: Building Essential QI Skills will demonstrate how to link the three questions related to aim, measurement, and change concepts to the sequence for success. This course will provide a refresher for those who are stalled in their improvement efforts, and a jump start for those who are new to the quality improvement journey.

What is an IHI Quick Course?
An IHI Quick Course offers one-day, ​low cost, top content from the IHI National Forum. This learning opportunity takes the most sought after content from ​the I​HI 2016 National Forum, and distills it down into a one-day experience.

Cost: $399 per seat

2017 Sessions:
•January 26 – San Francisco, CA
•March 23 – Baltimore, MD
•April 19 – Minneapolis, MN

What You’ll Learn
After this IHI Quick Course, participants will be able to:
•Describe the elements of the Model for Improvement
•Identify the necessary elements to charter an improvement project and develop an aim statement
•Develop high-leverage change ideas using driver diagrams and other tools
•Identify a family of measures, including operational definitions, to drive your improvement work
•Develop effective Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles that build from small-scale testing to implementation
•Describe the difference between implementation, scale, and spread and guidance in each stage