Commentary in Pediatrics: Breastfeeding in Medicine: Time to Practice What We Preach

From the commentary: “Many in medicine are genuinely committed to supporting breastfeeding trainees and physicians, but good intentions alone cannot overcome such entrenched and pervasive barriers and beliefs. Departmental lactation policies and increased access to hospital-grade pumps should be lauded, but individual- and department-level solutions alone are not enough. In fact, when we rely solely on this category of intervention, we paradoxically run the risk of creating and deepening an unintended disconnect. Individuals who support such solutions may perceive themselves as adequately supportive of breastfeeding. Their breastfeeding colleagues, however, are often left to wonder why, if they are surrounded by such satisfactory support, breastfeeding in medicine continues to feel so impossibly and invisibly hard.”

SOURCE: Danziger, Phoebe. Breastfeeding in Medicine: Time to Practice What We Preach. 

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