CDC Deadline Extended: The 2018 mPINC survey closing date has been extended until July 15th

The final deadline to submit the CDC’s 2018 national survey of Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care (mPINC) is Monday, July 15th at 11:59 PM EST.

Only hospitals with complete data will receive a hospital-specific Benchmark Report. If you were contacted to complete the survey and do not believe you have received it, please remember to look for an e-mail from Please check your junk e-mail folder, too. If you have not been contacted or have any questions about the administration of the survey, please contact the CDC contractor: Battelle Health and Analytics at 1-866-826-4176.

Please be mindful that the Battelle toll free number is not a call center. At this point, please only use the toll free number for the following:

  1. If your hospital is completing the survey and have survey-specific questions; or
  2. You are concerned your hospital has not been contacted for the survey.

If any problems getting response, contact CDC:

If your facility has any questions about their 2018 mPINC survey, please reach out to Lauren O’Connor, MPH, CLC, at, and Lauren assist you further and connect you with the contractor conducting the survey, Battelle Health and Analytics.

NOTE: We have attached step-by-step instructions on successfully submitting the 2018 mPINC Survey.  There is a two-step process to submitting the survey. Some hospitals may have completed the survey but not finished submitting it.  If your hospital receives reminder emails or calls after you thought you submitted the survey, then it was not completely submitted.

Steps to submit 2018 mPINC survey