AWHONN POST-BIRTH Warning Signs Initiative Introductory Webinar Now Available!

OPQIC hosted 2 webinars to review our collaboration with AWHONN’s Post-Birth Warning Signs Initiative. If you missed it or would like to view it again, the webinar is available here. Please remember to complete your participation form by July 13th and register for the Admin webinar on August 21 or Aug 23.

By participating in this initiative, your hospital will be able to participate in this program at NO COST.  The cost of the on-line education is listed as $29.00 per nurse. Through AIM funding, OPQIC has purchased course codes to distribute among participating hospitals. While there is no monetary cost for the hospitals, hospitals must meet requirements to participate. Requirements for hospital participation are:

  • Participating in AIM  and AIM Process Measure data complete through Q1 2018
  • Complete AIM Survey (Will be distributed by OPQIC in near future)
  • Collect and enter data – 2 structure measures and 2 process measures. Data measures will be described on the upcoming webinars – this data collection burden will be less than current data for AIM.
  • Complete online training for staff by March 4, 2019 or forfeit unused codes

More information about the POST-BIRTH Warning Signs program can be found on the AWHONN website: . We also have all of this information on our initiative page: Please let us know if you have any questions.