AJOG MFM: COVID-19 in Pregnancy: Early Lessons

This limited initial US experience suggests a need for immediate changes in obstetric clinical practice. Two of seven (28.6%) confirmed COVID-19-positive were asymptomatic upon admission, and these same two soon required ICU admission. Importantly, their care prior to COVID-19 diagnosis involved exposures to multiple health care workers (HCWs), all of whom lacked appropriate PPE. Surgical masks should also be provided for all team members on the inpatient service and for all patients presenting to labor units, and worn at all times; and N95 masks for all COVID-19 positive deliveries, whether vaginal or cesarean, as well as for those with unknown COVID-19 status until disease status can be determined through testing

AJOG MFM: COVID-19 in Pregnancy: Early Lessons.

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