Advances in Preeclampsia: OU Enrolling Patients in Phase 3 Preeclampsia Study

PRESERVE-1 is a Phase 3 clinical study for women who develop preeclampsia between weeks 23-30 of gestation requiring inpatient hospitalization and eligible for expectant management. This study will assess if ATryn (antithrombin [Recombinant]) can prolong pregnancy and decrease neonatal rates of death and disability.

• Safely prolong pregnancy by delaying delivery
• Decrease neonatal rates of death and disability

Inclusion Criteria:
• At least 16 years of age or older
• Singleton pregnancy
• 23 to 30 weeks pregnant with a recent diagnosis of preeclampsia or superimposed preeclampsia
• Requiring monitoring in a hospital setting

Action Steps:
If you have a potential patient or have questions about eligibility and the study, feel free to reach OU Research Staff:

Principal Investigator: Dr. Christine Scifres, MD
Study Coordinator: Ashley R. Bowman
Phone: 405-271-8001 ext. 48280

It is not necessary to contact OU in advance for patient to be considered for study, but advanced notice could positively support the informed consent process. Patient resources for preeclampsia education and PRESERVE-1 information can be provided by the study sponsor:

Reshma Kaparampil, rEVO Biologics

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Study Details:
Provider Information Sheet (.pdf)