Every Mother Counts Collaborative


The U.S. rate of maternal mortality has doubled over the last decade, ranking it 47th in the world. Oklahoma’s maternal mortality rate is 2X the U.S. rate, one of the worst in the nation. Black women have a rate of maternal mortality that is 3X to 4X greater than that of white women. State maternal mortality reviews show that most deaths and morbidities from obstetric hemorrhage and preeclampsia are preventable. It is estimated that, there are 50,000 women who experience severe maternal morbidity annually in the U.S. We need your help in reversing these trends!


  •  Your hospital is invited to join the Oklahoma Every Mother Counts collaborative, a cost-free, statewide effort among Oklahoma birthing hospitals to reduce maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity.
  • Our goal is that all Oklahoma birthing hospitals will implement safety bundles related to obstetric hemorrhage and severe hypertension in pregnancy to ensure safe, standardized care for women with these conditions.
  • Oklahoma is the first state to participate in the Alliance for Innovation in Maternal Health (AIM) initiative.
  • Oklahoma is one of six states selected to participate in the Every Mother Initiative through an AMCHP grant.
  • Resources developed by national partners will be utilized.
  • The Oklahoma Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaborative will lead this effort.

Every Mother Counts Collaborative Brochure